January 2024
DVA Adverse Weather Advice
What to do if you can't attend a driving test/MOT due to adverse weather

The Department of Infrastructure has issued the following advice on behalf of DVA:

If you can't attend a booked driving test/MOT due to adverse weather please contact DVA before your appointment & reschedule it without added cost.

Email: B&
Call: 0300 200 7862

More information is available from the following websites:

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December 2023
5 Rules
5 Rules to Reduce Road Deaths

As a driver, a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorcyclist the only safe choice is to treat the road as if your life and other lives depend on it – because they do.

Follow these 5 rules every time you use the road and you will significantly reduce the risk that you will cause someone’s death.

1. SLOW DOWN! Remember – You Can Never Control the Consequences if You Speed!

2. Never Ever Drink And Drive!

3. Always pay attention and stay alert – One Lapse Can Last a Lifetime!

4. Always wear your seatbelt, front and rear – No Seatbelt, No Excuse!

5. Follow the rules of The Highway Code


November 2023
Renewing Your Licence Online
Remember to check your driving licence
Dva Logo

You must apply to renew your licence before it is due to expire and you can do this up to two months beforehand. You can now do this online.

Check the date of expiry of your licence at section 4b of your plastic photocard licence and click below for more details.


October 2023
Tyre safety check advice
October is Tyre Safe Month

Tyres are the only part of the vehicle in constant contact with the road; they suffer a lot of wear and tear, even if you drive carefully. Therefore, it’s vital that you keep an eye on the condition of your tyres.

October is Tyre Safe Month and this year drivers are being encouraged to be ‘Safe and Save’. The aim is to raise awareness and educate drivers about the importance of proper tyre maintenance to enhance road safety, save fuel costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Find out more about Routine Tyre Checks on the Tyre Safe website.


September 2023
Eco-friendly driving
Eco-friendly truck driving tips
Lorry on road at sunrise

With fuel prices on the rise, truck drivers should bear these eco-friendly driving tips in mind to save fuel.

  • Smooth Acceleration: Gradually accelerate and avoid sudden starts to conserve fuel.
  • Maintain Speed: Stick to a consistent speed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • Proper Gear Use: Shift gears efficiently and use engine braking to save fuel on downhill slopes.


August 2023
Government Funding
Driver training funding for those on Universal Credit

Do you want to drive a lorry or a bus to get back into work? If you receive Universal Credit you may be entitled to receive assistance from the Adviser Discretion Fund (ADF). This is one of the schemes that the Department for Communities currently has in place which provides direct support to individuals to gain new skills to help remove the barriers to employment.

Driver training is one of the areas receiving this support and you should speak to us to find out more.



July 2023
5 Rules to Reduce Road Accidents
5 Rules to Reduce Road Accidents and Fatalities
Twisty country road

As a driver, a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorcyclist the only safe choice is to treat the road as if your life and other lives depend on it – because they do.

Follow these 5 rules every time you use the road and you will significantly reduce the risk that you will cause someone’s death.


June 2023
DVA Test Fees on the Rise
Significant increase in DVA tests fees likely

The price of vehicle and driving tests in Northern Ireland could increase to cover a rising cost in providing the services, the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) has said.

The DfI say cash raised from the price-hike would be used to fund improvements to facilities.

It has started an eight-week consultation on the move.

Under the proposals, a vehicle test, or MOT, could rise from £30.50 to £38 and a practical driving test for cars could increase from £45.50 to £65. The practical test for motorcycles would increase to £80 and for lorry and bus driving ability tests to £87.


May 2023
Careless Driving Penalty
New careless driving penalty introduced

A new fixed penalty notice of £100 and three penalty points has been introduced to help tackle careless driving in Northern Ireland.

The new arrangements will also enable PSNI to offer careless drivers the option of remedial training as an alternative to the fixed penalty notice. The aim is to influence the future decisions of drivers so that they will drive more attentively, with more care and with more personal responsibility. Costs associated with the course will be met by the offender as an alternative to paying the fixed penalty notice.

May 2023
Biker Awareness
Be Biker Aware – Take Another Look
Speeding motorbike

With the North West 200 and other motorcycling events taking place, there may be more motorcyclists on the roads.

Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups on Northern Ireland’s roads.

So, as a driver, ALWAYS TAKE ANOTHER LOOK for a motorcyclist before you make any manoeuvre.

Motorcyclists could be approaching faster than you think.

EVERY road death is one too many.

We all share the road. We all share the responsibility.


April 2023
Vehicle MOT history
Check the MOT history of a vehicle

There is a useful website available where you can check the past results of a vehicle’s MOT tests, including:

  • if it passed or failed
  • the mileage recorded when it was tested
  • when its next MOT is due

For vehicles tested in Northern Ireland you can only get results for tests done since 2017.


April 2023
Rules for travelling with pets
Travelling with pets. Do you know the rules?
Advanced Driving, Institute of Advanced Motoring, safe driving Belfast, Lisburn, Craigavon

Are you aware of the legal requirements for travelling with a dog or pet?

Know the rules - Rule 57 in the Highway Code states that pets should be “suitably restrained” when travelling in the car to make sure they do not distract the driver. Not complying could be evidence of careless driving which can incur a fine of up to £5000.


March 2023
New Sat Nav Fines Up to £1,000
New Highway Code rule about Sat Nav
Using sat nav when driving

A new Highway Code rule could see you hit with £1,000 fine while driving with sat-nav.

On March 25, 2022 the law was updated and the loophole closed, but many don't realise the change applies to using your phone to access maps or sat nav


March 2023
Never Too Old
Age is not a barrier for driving a lorry!

Britain's oldest lorry driver, 90, wakes up at 4am every day and has no plans to retire.

Brian Wilson has been behind the wheel for almost 70 years. In his career, he has never had an accident.


February 2023
Safer Winter Driving
Winter Guide for HGV Drivers

As a professional driver, it is your responsibility to make allowance for severe weather. This guide will help you get through the winter. Following the simple steps set out in this guide can help ensure your own safety and that of other road users.


October 2022
View licence details online
NI licence holders can now view licence details online

NI Direct has launched a new service for viewing NI licence details online. There is a video to explain how this works.


27 July 2022
MOT Backlog Chaos
MOT Backlog - NI Motorists Facing Fines

NI motorists are being fined £80 for untaxed vehicles despite being unable to renew tax due to MOT backlog.


6 June 2022
Horsebox Rules
Horsebox Rules

When you transport a horse with a horsebox or trailer you need to follow this strict set of rules.


16 May 2022
Safety First
Lorry Driver Safety Essentials

Driving an HGV is a skilled job, and a well-remunerated one at that – but can also be a stressful line of work, between the long hours of driving and the logistics of managing your cargo. That said, if you do choose to become an HGV driver, there are some essential things you should prepare your cabin with to make your job easier, safer and more comfortable.

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April 2022
Driving at Work
Safe driving at work.
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February 2022
DVA Update
Face Coverings
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There have been updates to the COVID-19 restrictions meaning it is no longer mandatory to wear a face covering. However it is still a requirement to wear one during all driving tests.

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February 2022
NI Direct
Letter Of Entitlement
You can use this service to view your driving record, apply for a provisional license, exchange a foreign license, renew your license and view or share your driving licence information.

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January 2022
DVA Update
Highway Code Update
Major changes are coming to the Highway Code from Saturday, 29 January. These changes are designed to improve road safety, with particular attention placed on vulnerable road users.

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September 2021
DVA Update
New Theory Test Locations
The new theory test service for Northern Ireland will start from Monday, 6 September.

Testing Centres:

  • Ballymena
  • Belfast
  • Londonderry
  • Newry
  • Portadown
  • Omagh

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May 2021
UK Haulier News
Shortage Of HGV Drivers

Shortage of HGV Drivers places business recovery at risk, finds Logistics UK Report.


April 2021
BBC Update
Driving Tests Resume

Driving lessons resume from the 23rd of April.

They fall under close-contact services which will resume operating then and this will  also allow the resumption of driving instruction, theory and practical tests.


March 2021
DVA Update
DVA Further Review On Tests
Dva Logo

Driving instruction and theory and practical driving tests remain suspended.  This will be subject to a further review by the Executive on 15 April 2021.


March 2021
DVA Update
Theory Tests Rescheduled Dates
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Theory tests, booked from the 26th December 2020 to the 1st April 2021 have been rescheduled, for 60 days later, into a temporary placeholder appointment.  Please check your booking urgently.


February 2021
Infrastructure NI
Four Month Extension for MOT
Covid-19 update

Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has announced that existing MOT temporary exemption certificates (TECs) for some vehicle groups will be extended by a further four months.


February 2021
NI Direct
Latest Covid-19 Motoring News
nidirect logo

NI Direct Motoring announcements due to Covid-19.

Information on the Driver & Vehicle Agency's (DVA) services that are affected during the pandemic. 


December 2020
DVA Update
DVA Latest Update
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Lockdown measures start from 00:001 on 26 December 2020, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The restrictions will be in place for six weeks, which means that driving instruction, as a close contact service, will once again be suspended until 5 February 2021.


September 2020
Mobile Phone Fines
Drivers set to be fined £200 for mobile phone use
Driver using mobile phone

Tougher penalties for drivers who use mobile phones at the wheel could be introduced in Northern Ireland in weeks.

The plan is to impose a fine of £200 and six penalty points, an increase from the current three penalty points and a £60 fine.



July 2020
DVA Update
The resumption of car and lorry driving tests
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Please see email received from the DVA to Approved Driving Instructors dated 28 July 2020.


July 2020
Medical Issues
11 medical issues you must tell the DVA about including déjà vu

Drivers can be fined up to £1,000 if they do not tell DVA about a medical condition that affects their driving - and may be prosecuted if they’re involved in an accident as a result.


February 2020
Tests Go Digital
Tests Go Digital

From early February 2020, driving examiners will be using a digital tablet to carry out category C, C1, and C+E practical driving tests instead of using the paper based driver test marking system.

There is no change to the driving test or to the assessment, only to the method of capturing the information during the test.

This means that candidates who provide an email address can have the test results emailed to them after the test and if they've passed the test, their licence will be issued automatically, if appropriate.



September 2018
NI Residency Requirement
NI Residency Requirement for Theory and Practical Tests

In order to take a theory or practical test in Northern Ireland, it is a legal requirement that the candidate must be normally resident in Northern Ireland (I.e. for at least 185 days in each calendar year).

Learner drivers who have a GB provisional licence and want to take a theory or practical test in Northern Ireland, will have to complete a residency declaration form.

This form can be downloaded from the following link:


Please Note:

The residency requirement does not apply to Driver CPC Module 2 or Module 4.

January 2018
Winter Driving Tips
BBC Good Morning Ulster - Winter Driving Tips
BBC Radio Logo

Lloyd Walker, Proprietor of Lloyds School of Motoring, had the opportunity to discuss with BBC Radio Ulster some suggestions for safe winter driving.


(Copyright and acknowledgements - BBC Radio Ulster)

June 2017
Minibus change of legislation
Teachers warned of school minibus driving licence rules

Latest advice from the Education Authority to school teachers who drive a minibus.