Instructor Training Course

Instructor Course logoThis course is accredited by the National Vocational Driving Instructor’s Register.

This intensive course is designed for experienced drivers wishing to become an instructor or someone who has been assigned as an assessor within their organisation wishing to upskill.

Course Programme

The course programme combines self-study, classroom and in-vehicle learning approaches.

The 10-day course is delivered in three parts with all training and testing being completed in Belfast, as outlined below:

Part One (1 day) – Theory

At the outset of the course, self-study material is provided in preparation for the theory test element.

Part Two (4 days) – Road Drive Ability

Practical training is delivered to bring the driver’s skills up to the high standards required to become a professional driving instructor.

Part Three (5 days) – Instructor Development

Training is provided which covers instructional techniques, communication skills and attributes required to qualify as an instructor.

Various scenarios will be presented throughout training to prepare for the challenges that could be faced on a daily basis as a driving instructor.

Lesson plans will be a key feature during this phase of training.


Instructor Training Course

Drivers must have held either a:

  • Category C licence category for a minimum of 3 years; or
  • Category D licence for a minimum of 3 years and a Category C licence for at least 1 year.

After qualifying, the driver’s name will be entered on the National Vocational Driving Instructor’s Register, for a period of 5 years.

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