Lloyds School of Motoring provides lorry training in our privately owned fleet of vehicles across all categories. 

Our Lorry Training Fleet

  • C1 – up to 7 1/2 tonne lorry
  • C1+E – up to 7 1/2 tonne lorry with trailer
  • C – rigid, class 2, HGV – automatic vehicles
  • C+E – articulated, class 1, HGV – automatic vehicles

Our rigid and articulated lorries are automatic. However this will allow you to drive either automatic or manual in the workplace.

Note: The category without a trailer (C1 or C) has to be completed before progressing to the trailer test (C1+E or C+E).

Minimum Age: 18 years

Going the extra mile to assist

We will provide a step by step guide and hands on assistance, from the initial contact right through to test and beyond.

We understand how confusing obtaining your licence can seem and to help with the process we have prepared a starter pack, with all the relevant documentation.  You are welcome to collect this from our office.

If you have any questions or concerns during the process we are always happy to help and assist.  We take pride in going the extra mile for our customers.

Government funded HGV training support for those on Universal Credit

If you receive Universal Credit, you can apply for government funded HGV training courses. Click here for more details.

This is available in all areas of Northern Ireland for those wanting to complete lorry driver training in either Class 2 or Class 1.

We have already assisted  students from North Belfast, West Belfast, Lisburn, Banbridge, Larne and are able to liaise with any of the relevant Universal Credit offices.

The Process for Lorry Training

The steps of the process include:

  • completing a DLM1 form by passing a medical and eyesight test, contact the office to arrange an appointment 
  • applying for a provisional licence in the relevant category using a DL2 form
  • wait for the return of your provisional licence before theory and hazard perception tests can be booked
  • meantime study for the tests – we stock all required official DVSA study material and offer theory tuition
  • book and pass both tests at a Theory Test Centre.

Now you are ready for the practical road drive element, training and test.

How do I get a lorry licence?

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Practical Training and Test for Lorry Training

Accredited Centre & Instructors

The practical road drive training is conduct by our qualified, experienced and registered NVDIR instructors. We are the only driving school in Northern Ireland to have approved NVDIR instructors and carry centre accreditation.

Unlike car instructors, there is no legislation that requires lorry instructors to hold any formal qualification. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that to ensure you receive the very best professional training you use a registered instructor.

Choosing a registered school not only ensures that you will receive quality training, but will also mean you are training at an establishment that carries correct insurance and complies with all current legislation.

Our instructors will tailor each individual student’s training to fully prepare for the DVA test.

Driver CPC

If you wish to use your newly acquired licence to drive for hire or reward you will be required to complete Driver CPC. This will either be Periodic (35 hours classroom training) or Modules 2 (Case Study) & 4 (Show and Tell). We deliver these courses and can advise, assist and book the relevant option for you.

After completing Driver CPC, a Driver Qualification Card will be issued for 5 years.

Digi / Tachograph Card

We stock the relevant form needed to apply for your card, allowing you to be workplace ready.