LLOYDS-F.E.D (Fuel Efficient Driving Training)

Lloyds Fuel Efficient Driving (F.E.D) course helps your company to drive down fuel costs through driver training.

This unique programme focuses on reducing fuel consumption but also offers many additional benefits including:

  • reduced insurance premiums   (check with your insurance company)
  • reduced maintenance
  • elimination of harsh braking practice
  • noticeable reduction in journey times
  • significant reductions in driver faults
  • less impact on the environment

Fuel Efficient Driving Smartphone AppSavings

Our research has shown:

  • up to £500 fuel savings per vehicle depending on mileage
  • 14% reduction in fuel consumption
  • 56% reduction in driver faults
  • 34% reduction in the number of gear changes
  • 1.5% reduction in journey time

You can immediately start to reap the benefits of lower overheads for running your fleet.


Lloyds Fuel Efficient Driving (F.E.D) benefits are considerable, no matter the size of your business.

The benefits of managing your workplace’s road safety and reducing accidents include:

  • fewer days lost due to injury
  • reduced risk of work related ill health
  • reduced stress and improved morale
  • less need for investigations and paperwork
  • fewer vehicles off the road for repair
  • less lost time due to scheduling of work
  • fewer missed orders and business opportunities
  • reduced running costs through better driving standards

Promoting sound health and safety driving practices and a good safety culture at work will spill over into private driving, which could reduce the chances of the employee being injured outside of work.

The real cost of an accident to an organisation is always higher than just the costs of the repairs and insurance claims.

Course Structure

Lloyds Fuel Efficient Driving (F.E.D) is a one day course.

Delivery is in the company’s own vehicle and does not disrupt the normal working day.

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