CPC Module 4 - Bus

Lloyds School of Motoring are here to help and assist with the process of booking CPC Module 4 – Bus.

We understand how much confusion there is around Driver CPC.

You will need to complete Initial Driver CPC to be able to drive commercially (for hire or reward).

There are two elements involved in Initial Driver CPC to be completed sequentially:

  • CPC Module 2 – Case Study
  • CPC Module 4 – Show & Tell Demonstration

CPC Module 2 is known as the “Case Study” and is a computer based test which you take at a Pearson Vue test centre.

CPC Module 4 is also known as the “Show & Tell Demonstration”. Lloyds School of Motoring conducts training for this and will book your test at the DVA test centre in Belfast.

CPC Module 2 - Bus

The steps of the process for Module 2 include:

  • book your Module 2 PCV Case Study test – if required we can book this on your behalf.  We can also provide theory tuition to prepare you for this test
  • purchase the most up to date study book from our office

You must pass Module 2 before you can begin your training for Module 4.

CPC Module 4 - Bus

Lloyds School of Motoring will provide you with a comprehensive, practical training course. This will ensure that you are fully prepared for test day.

This half day course can either be delivered outdoors or indoors in our purpose built covered training facility.

Show & Tell Demonstration includes:

  • loading the vehicle and proper vehicle use
  • security of the vehicle and contents
  • prevention of criminality and trafficking
  • how to assess emergency situations
  • how to prevent physical risk


We will book the test and accompany you with the training vehicle on test day.

Extra training time is allowed on test day with our instructor to go through key points again to prepare you for a successful pass result.

The 40-minute test will be conducted by an DVA examiner at Balmoral test centre.

For more information on Driver CPC tests visit our video gallery.

On completion of Modules 2 & 4, you will be issued with your Driver Qualification Card which is valid for five years.