Advanced Driving Course

Advanced Driving CourseThe Advanced Driving Course is designed to promote the principles of road safety and of enhanced driving methods.

Training is delivered in cars or vans and encourages drivers to achieve high driving standards.

This course is relevant to any driver wishing to hone their driving skills.

There are many benefits; being a safer driver is just one aspect.

Advanced Driving Course Benefits

Key benefits include:

  • enhanced skills and knowledge to become an efficient driver, meaning lower fuel costs
  • smoother braking – your tyres will last longer
  • it may mean lower insurance premiums (check with your insurance company)
  • ability to cope better with the challenges of driving
  • improved confidence with increased sense of driving enjoyment
  • detailed knowledge of the Highway Code

Course Content and Duration

In this Advanced driving course, you will be expected to handle your vehicle in a safe, systematic and progressive manner within legal constraints. You will develop strong observational and interpretive skills, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Training will cover a wide range of road types and conditions.

This advanced driving course is delivered over a three day period with the 90 minute test being conducted by an Institute of Advanced Motorists appointed examiner on the final day.

On successful completion a certificate is issued and a year’s membership with the Institute of Advanced Motorists is included.


  • Licence checks are carried out
  • Eyesight test – reading a number plate from a distance
  • Car checks
  • Driving in rural and urban areas – we look at awareness, planning, observation, creating a positive attitude to driving, rules of the road, road signs, car control and much more


  • A UK driving licence held for at least 3 years
  • No pending court appearances for road traffic offences
  • Unable to undertake course if 9 or more unexpired penalty points on licence

Advanced Driving Course Delivery

This course is delivered in Lisburn.

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