Emergency First Aid Course

The objective of this course is to ensure candidates are competent with all skills and knowledge in Emergency First Aid.

This course will enable Emergency First Aid to be administered until the professionals arrive to deal with any casualty.

First Aid Courses

Course Content

  • understanding hazard perception
  • how to assess an emergency incident
  • how to carry out basic life support
  • how to care for an unconscious casualty
  • knowledge of the contents of a first aid kit and its use
  • treatment of airway disorders
  • how to control all bleeding
  • how to recognise shock and treat
  • how to report an incident
  • treatment of burns
  • recognition and treatment of fractures
  • treatment of effects of specific hazards within your environment

There is a theory and practical element to this course.

Duration – 1 Day

A certificate is awarded on course completion.

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