Shunter Training

Shunter Training is the training of a driver to drive Artic and Rigid vehicles on site, completion of this course allows you only to drive on-site and not on the public highway.

Yard Shunter Training Programme


This course enables candidates to train internal employees in the skills of yard shunting, and can prove an extremely cost effective way of cascading training through a company and improving safety around the premises. This course is designed to provide the necessary training for those responsible for training others in manoeuvring HGVs around the company premises and off-road parking areas. Candidates should already be experienced in yard shunter operations.

Course content

Provides instruction on how to give training in the following.

  • Health and safety (Classroom)
  • Vehicle familiarisation and pre-use inspections
  • Hand signals to be used for assisting other drivers to manoeuvre other vehicles
  • Correct coupling and uncoupling of articulated/drawbar combinations
  • Practice manoeuvring the vehicles onto loading bays or parking areas
  • Safe parking procedures
  • Assessments

Course duration

One day

On completion of the course you will be issued with a certificate of attendance